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    15 Hair And Beauty Products That Will Scare The Sh*t Out Of You

    For when beauty actually equals pain.

    1. This lip plumper that is definitely sold in the *naughty* section of the store.

    2. This personal anal bleacher that will literally set your asshole on fire.

    3. This "Nose Huggie" that totally makes your nose look more narrow and cute, just in time for summer.

    4. This heated eyelash curler that was definitely once a medieval torture device.

    Noooooo don't do it!!!! You have so much to live for!

    5. This hair remover that scares your hair out of its cuticle.

    6. This automatic curling machine that preys on hair.

    It literally SUCKS your hair inside of it in a matter of seconds. The claim is that a perfectly curled section of hair will come out when you're done, but that sounds too easy and you will probably never see that section of hair again.

    7. This menstrual cup or chalice for your cha cha.

    Watch how it just *pops* right in there.

    8. This nose and ear hair trimmer "with micro vacuum."

    9. This anti-aging phototherapy mask that also helps you defend the Galactic Empire.

    10. This skin-extraction tool that literally will extract your skin.

    Why pop pimples the good old-fashioned way when you can gouge them out with this tool? Its stainless steel, sleek design helps distract you from the fact that you're scraping at your face.

    11. This facial needle roller...that...rolls needles onto your face.

    12. This belt sander for your nails.

    Otherwise known as an automatic nail clipper, but why kid ourselves.

    Or you could try the more economic solution:

    13. This face slimmer, perfect for every #lazygirl.

    *doubles as a rabbit Halloween costume*

    14. This edible perfume candy because deodorant is like, so hard to apply, you guys.

    "Hey girl, I like the way your insides smell."

    15. These "tweezers" that you should absolutely use in public, particularly in front of large crowds and the person you're crushing on.

    Going ~au naturale~ is looking like a much better option.

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