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    19 Hipster Kids Who Are So Cool It Hurts

    No one on the corner has swagger like them.

    1. This tiny tyke who is undoubtedly rad.

    2. This stylish child in tiger harem pants.

    3. This adorable dude who doesn't have time for haters.

    4. No one tot should have all that power.

    5. This dynamic duo who are are just killin' the game.

    6. Baby, you're so classic.

    7. This chic kiddo who's like, "that's enough, paps."

    8. This youngster whose "Pow!" necklace just says it all.

    9. That pom pom though.

    10. This cutie who's bringing '70s chic back.

    11. This fabulous little one who's wearing the hell out of that statement necklace.

    12. This tiny toddler who's giving Bruno Mars a run for his money.

    13. "Hug Life." His shirt says "Hug Life."

    14. This kid who's rocking those leather jogging pants better than Kanye.

    15. This adorable munchkin sporting that comfy caj.

    16. This adorable little one wearing layers like a boss.

    17. This sweet kiddo who's just too hip for two drumsticks.

    18. This cutie who's proud of his roots.

    19. And lastly, this hip young'un who clearly has hipster in his blood.