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    13 Brilliant Ways To Look Your Best At The Gym

    None of which include makeup.

    1. Put your hair in a high ponytail so it doesn't get in the way when you throw a barbell over your head.

    2. And use both hands to pull on either side of the ponytail to make sure it stays put during your sprints.

    3. Accessories really help make the outfit, especially those that help you grip weights.

    4. A fresh, dewy glow can be achieved by running like a boss on the treadmill.

    5. But remember to gently dab the sweat from your eyes so it doesn't cloud your view of all the calories you're burning.

    6. Knee socks are so in RN, especially on deadlift day.

    7. Double-knot a new set of bright, matching shoelaces so they don't trip you up when you crush those miles.

    8. Good lighting is key for better monitoring your reps.

    9. Practice your facial exercises when you're lifting more than double your body weight.

    10. A messy bun goes well with headphones that are blasting power anthems while you break your personal record.

    11. Wear a matching sports bra that supports you while you run more miles than the guy next to you.

    12. Snap a post-workout selfie.

    13. And show off the fruits of your labor.

    In sum, just keep doing your thing.