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Do Better On Your Dating App Photos

These apps are brutal, the bane of many a single persons existence. It can be difficult to have to choose photos of yourself and put them out there for people to judge (or screenshot and send to friends) only to potentially get rejected. That is why most of us stick to 5 general, and what we presume to be "safe" pictures. If your dating app profile includes these then maybe it's time to realize that you may not be the original and unique prodigy your mother said you are. If it doesn't, then congrats! Get TF off dating apps and find someone as special as you IRL.

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1. Climbing A Mountain Alone

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Personally, I have never climbed a mountain alone. I don't even think I've climbed a mountain? But that's just me. According to dating apps, EVERY man has climbed a mountain alone. Mountains and dating apps are mutually exclusive. If you don't know, now you know.

2. Holding A Baby That Isn't Yours


But it's my niece Andrea! I see exactly what you did there. You're planting this photo so we think you're a marriage material guy but to be perfectly honest it freaks me out, seems manipulative, and the last thing I need in my life is another guy saying one thing but meaning another. Also I don't know about you but I'm not looking for a husband on a dating app...

4. In Front Of A Body Of Water


Oh you've been on a boat before? Dope. Men and women of dating apps are always doing the most to seem "adventurous" and "active." I have yet to scroll and find someone on their couch in different positions watching TV. That person would be a YES from me.

6. The Guy With One Photo


There will always be the guy with one photo. Most likely it was taken during a tan phase where he was peaking. It makes you wonder, is this the only photo that anyone has ever taken of this person ever? Hopefully this doesn't come as a shock to you, but this photo is also his LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook photo. This guy is either unphotogenic, lazy, or both.

9. And there you have it. I'm not sure why this is numbered. Please do better on your dating app photos. Think outside the mountain.

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