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21 Reasons Toronto Is The Best City Ever

Torontonians, let's celebrate our awesomeness!

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1. We have the most beautiful skyline. / Via

We'll just get that out of the way.

2. And some pretty amazing beaches.

So many amazing beaches.

3. Including Hanlan's Point Beach on Toronto Island.

One of the country's only clothing-optional beaches!

4. Speaking of the island, it's the perfect escape from the city.

It feels like cottage country over there.

5. The Scrambler ride in Centreville is straight out of a movie.

Astral Media / Via

Literally. Straight out of Take This Waltz. Just make sure you request "Video Killed The Radio Star" if you want the authentic experience.

6. The Scarborough Bluffs are just disgusting.

It doesn't look like a tropical island paradise there at all.

7. And lest we forget the beauty that is High Park!

Especially in the spring.

8. If you feel like doing some cycling, the Don Valley Trail is where it's at.

So lush and so green.

9. The Beltline Trail isn't too bad either.

Not too bad at all.

10. If you really want an adventure, you should head on over to Evergreen Brickworks.

It's an adventure. Can confirm.

11. At the ROM on Friday nights you can drink beer with the dinosaurs!

Like, the dinosaurs are RIGHT. THERE.

12. In the summer, you can kayak the harbour...

And head on over to the island!

13. ...and in the winter you can go skating!

Who doesn't love skating?!

14. We just hosted the ultimate battle of the Americas with the Pan Am Games.

And they brought our wonderful city together in a whole new way.
Harry How / Getty Images

And they brought our wonderful city together in a whole new way.

15. We probably shouldn't mention the fireworks.

Who cares about those anyway?

16. But maaaaan, those (FREE!) outdoor concerts!

Those are really something, eh?

17. And our festivals.

Taste of the Danforth is good if you want to eat all the things. And who doesn't?

18. Actually, you can eat your way around the world in Toronto.

Ethiopian, anyone?

19. You can go and see the Toronto Blue Jays with all your best pals!

And you should go, 'cause the Jays are killing it! Don't forget to get a footlong hotdog, either.

20. And guys, we have a freakin' castle!

An actual castle! Could we seriously be any cooler?

21. And of course, we will always have Conrad the Raccoon.

What other city has residents that come together to honour their roadkill?

So, yeah. Toronto's pretty awesome.

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