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Why Game Of Thrones Needs To Be Back On My TV Now

The third season left us reeling and now we can't wait for season 4, set to hit our screens this spring. Here's a few reasons why I, for one, can't wait even that long...

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Why do I miss it so? Well firstly and most obviously, this randy little fella.


Whether he's drinking, whoring or winding up his family, Tyrion Lannister brings a whole new meaning to the word gold.

His desert-dry one liners have made him a firm favourite.

Cersei is another Lannister who gives good value in her bitch face alone.

Via wifflegif

Zero is the amount of shits she gives, unless it concerns her children or her claim to the throne.

And talking of women of steel, this girl is my absolute hero.

Just look at her. That determination. That power within. Those eyebrows.


And there's so many questions I need to know the answer to. Such as, will Jon Snow ever know anything?


Will Sansa ever start trusting the right people?


Not him.

Does anyone actually like Stannis?


King of the seven kingdoms? King of oatmeal more like. Yawn.

And where in seven hells is Bran? Hasn't he been riding Hodor around woods and snow for about two seasons now?



Also, does the fountain of wisdom that is Lady Olenna ever stop flowing?

Is Theon ever going to catch a break?

Via Tumblr

And will we ever, ever tire of watching this gif?


With bonus points for the Hound not giving a shit there.

Come on, Game of Thrones. We need you back in our lives!

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