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20 Signs You Need A Social Media Intervention

If the following apply to you, your friends and family may be confiscating your phone and laptop any minute now.

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1. You have to digitally document every single thing that happens to you.

2. When your friends click on their notifications they see this:

3. You're like this when your phone battery runs out during a night out:

4. Your posts demonstrate that you should be spending more time brushing up on your current affairs and less time on twitter.

5. You've felt the need to take a selfie on the toilet. While eating.

Because that's hygienic.

Because that's hygienic.

6. You can't seem to log on without getting in a heated "debate".

7. You actually start sentences with the word "hashtag" in real life.



8. Nothing will get in the way of you scrolling through your twitter feed.

9. You try to recreate everything you see on Pinterest...

... and fail. Miserably.

... and fail. Miserably.

10. You have this overwhelming need to prove yourself all the time.

11. When you post something hilarious and only get two likes you're like this:

12. You live your life vicariously through your friends' instagram posts.

13. You've posted pictures that unwittingly show stuff that should be private.

14. When you refresh your feed and no one's posted anything new you're like:

15. And when you follow someone on twitter and they don't follow you back it feels like:

16. When you're forced to socialise in the real world things just get... awkward.

17. When you really want to post something but your favourite network is down you're like:

18. Even your dog thinks you spend too much time in front of the computer.

19. You've changed your profile picture and felt like this when no one has liked it after five minutes:

20. You've stalked your ex and accidentally clicked "add friend".

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