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    14 Ways To Explain The Infield Fly Rule

    As told by Yahoo Answers.

    The infield fly rule is as commonly misinterpreted as it is important. However, some fans find it difficult to explain.

    1. Let's defer to our friends over at Yahoo Answers.

    2. This guy knows the rules of baseball. Just not the one we're trying to define.

    3. Here's a strong theory on why it's called at all.

    4. Outfielders have all the luck.

    5. It's good to know the difference between fair and foul.

    6. And we've almost defined "fly ball".

    7. But this is not the infield fly rule. Sorry.

    8. This is closer, but only by a fraction of an inch.

    9. Getting warmer.

    10. Baseball: known for prioritizing briskness.

    11. Two or three guys on base, yes. Less than two outs, yes.

    12. And the most factually incorrect response yet.

    So let's get to it. What exactly is the infield fly rule?

    13. *Applause*

    14. TL;DR.