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Watch Jim Harbaugh's Wife Plead For An End To The Dad Pants Epidemic

The 49ers coach has apparently seen the error of his pleated ways, with some help from Dockers.

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Just in time for Father's Day, Sarah Harbaugh, in conjunction with Dockers, has given her husband Jim the gift every man wants: public ridicule.

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In the faux-earnest advertisement, Sarah Harbaugh says her "handsome, vibrant, successful" husband was affected by a "serious condition" that affects countless men in America: the Dad Pants epidemic.

Here's Jim's current signature look: a black Niners long-sleeve, pleated-front khakis, and a dramatic expression.

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His khakis were the topic of discussion leading up to last year's playoffs when he was spotted buying them in bulk at an Indiana Walmart...

@sportingnews Jim find what he was looking. Khakis anyone?

Austin @Houstin_Jay

@sportingnews Jim find what he was looking. Khakis anyone?

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And when a pair of his Dockers were resold in a 49ers team store.

Apparently, Jim has overhauled his wardrobe during the offseason.

His own daughter doesn't recognize her newly un-pleated parent.

It seems the new pants have turned Jim into a polished, serene dad. Congrats to Sarah Harbaugh and her first convert in the war against Dad Pants.

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