Walt “Clyde” Frazier Is The Style Hero The Knicks Need

An ode to the effervescent style of the New York Knicks champion.

1. Walt “Clyde” Frazier brought the Knicks to their only two championships in 1970 and 1973.

NBA Photos/NBAE / Via gettyimages.com

2. He spent ten years wearing #10 for the Knicks, which they retired in 1979. Now, his legacy continues as a lively analyst for the Knicks.

Walter Iooss Jr./ NBAE / Via gettyimages.com

3. Beyond his NBA legacy, Clyde Frazier is known for his love of rhyming phrases and bold sartorial choices.

David Sherman/NBAE / Via gettyimages.com

4. Frazier’s not afraid to incorporate color into his wardrobe. He does pastels and patterns with expert precision.

James Devaney / Via WireImage

6. Stylin’ and profilin’.

Chuck Myers / MCT / Via gettyimages.com

7. Paisley? No problem.

Ray Amati / Via gettyimages.com

8. Of course, there are the patterned suits. Frazier is known for his loud suits.

Nathaniel S. Butler / Via gettyimages.com

10. Walt understands using accessories to assist his flashy look.

Walter Iooss Jr./ NBAE / Via gettyimages.com
Walter Iooss Jr./ NBAE / Via gettyimages.com

12. Walt’s passion for fashion makes it fitting that the first customized basketball shoe was named for him.

Flickr: pumalab /Creative Commons

13. The Puma Clyde was introduced in 1973.

Flickr: pumalab /Creative Commons

14. Walt Frazier can make a monogrammed belt buckle look like the most understated part of an ensemble.

15. Of course, Walt can claim the ultimate additions to any outfit:

NBA Photos/NBAE / Via gettyimages.com

17. Better luck next season, Knicks fans!

Brand Affinity Technologies, Inc. / Via gettyimages.com

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