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22 Things Women Like To Do At Baseball Games

It's "buy me some peanuts and cracker jacks," not "buy me some manicures and gift bags."

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The events can feature a range of activities including fashion shows, player visits, live music, giveaways, Fields of Fashion gift bags, manicures by OPI and more. The effort is a partnership between Major League Baseball and a group of its licensees including Nike, 5th and Ocean, Alex and Ani, '47 Brand, Dooney & Bourke, Majestic, OPI Nail polish, and more, to create a special event for women out for a night out at the ballpark.

Contrary to what the MLB might think, here are some activities that women actually enjoy during “a night out at the ballpark" besides fashion:

1. Watching a baseball game and hoping their team wins.

2. Cheering for the team when something good happens.

3. Booing the other team when they do something that hurts your team's chances of winning.

4. Not doing The Wave.

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5. Shootin' the shit about seasons and players past.

6. People-watching.

7. Scorekeeping.

8. Hearing the players' walk-up songs and forming an opinion on them.

9. Being able to see the entire field.

10. Not having to watch commercials.

11. Not having to listen to announcers and commentators.

12. Eating hot dogs.

13. Eating french fries, garlic fries, kettle corn, and peanuts.

14. Drinking beer while sitting outside, sometimes during the mid-afternoon.

15. Attempting to/succeeding in catching foul balls.

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16. Catching home run balls.

17. Taking photos of the action.

18. Taking photos with the mascot.

19. Arriving early to watch batting practice.

20. Enjoying watching people make fools of themselves on dance cam.

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21. Getting a tan during day games.

22. Watching the game baseball, all nine innings, whether they win or lose.

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