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    San Francisco Giants Win 2014 World Series

    It's the club's third championship in five years.

    With a tense 3-2 win over the Kansas City Royals, the San Francisco Giants claimed their third World Series victory in five years.

    The Giants took an early lead with two runs in the top of the second, but the Royals evened the score with two runs off Tim Hudson, who was pulled after only 1.2 innings.

    The Giants' infield turned exceptional, tight plays to hold the Royals' zippy, creative baserunners.

    Pablo Sandoval went 3 for 3, and scored two runs for the Giants. It was his speed that made all the difference in the Giants' offense.

    Both teams began their postseason run in the Wild Card game for their respective leagues, with the Royals beating the A's in a thrilling 12-inning upset, and the Giants blowing out the Pirates in Pittsburgh.

    The 2014 Giants are only the fifth Wild Card team to win the World Series, preceded by the Marlins in 1997, Angels in 2002 (over the Giants, coincidentally), the Marlins again in 2003, the Red Sox in their legendary win in 2004, and the Cardinals in 2011.

    Twenty-five-year-old LHP Madison Bumgarner was named World Series MVP.