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    13 Struggles Of Living In A Different City Than Your Favorite Team

    Home is where the fan base is.

    1. When your team wins, no one around you cares.

    2. So you spend a lot of time racking your brain (and phone book) for the friends who want to watch the game with you.

    3. When your team is playing the local team, you feel like your gear makes you a walking target.


    4. So when you see a stranger wearing your team's gear, you acknowledge them like you would a family member.


    5. And when you find a bar to serve as home base on game day, it's like hitting the jackpot.

    6. The games that are important to you aren't always televised locally.

    7. And you're a constant victim of timezones.

    8. So you try to satisfy your need for live sports by going to local games, but you're not exactly invested.

    9. Watching your team play at home makes you ridiculously homesick.

    10. And you're tired of listening to local commentators.

    11. So you plan trips home based on how many games you can attend while you're there.

    12. And you save room in your suitcase because you know you're gonna stock up on team gear while you're home.

    13. You might also plan your entire year around when your team will be playing in your new city.

    Because you know...

    14. There's no better feeling than watching your team pummel the home team.