NBA Players React To The Lifetime Ban Of Clippers Owner Donald Sterling

Current and former players showed strong support for Commissioner Adam Silver’s swift and strong decision.

1. NBA Commissioner Adam Silver’s announcement that Clippers owner Donald Sterling would be banned for life was greeted with mostly positive response from current and former players.

3. Magic Johnson, who has been heavily involved with this controversy, was quick to praise Silver.

6. Current players jumped at the opportunity to voice their support of the decision.

Commissioner of the @NBA just showed us how he drops the hammer on ignorance. #lifetimeban for Donald Sterling. The ultimate #gonefishing

— Jason Collins (@jasoncollins34)

Great move by the @NBA today! #NoPlaceInOurGameForThis #NoPlaceInLifeForThis

— JR Smith (@TheRealJRSmith)

Thank You Mr. Silver!!!

— Tim Hardaway Jr (@T_HardJR)

Bravo Silver

— Kobe Bryant (@kobebryant)

Commissioner Silver thank you for protecting our beautiful and powerful league!! Great leader!! #BiggerThanBasketball #StriveForGreatness

— LeBron James (@KingJames)

Commissioner Silver....STRONG...way to take charge and protect our great league.

— THREE (@DwyaneWade)

'Standing ovation' for Commissioner Silver. Big time decision standing up for the league and it's players. Now, Gotta see it through

— Stephen Curry (@StephenCurry30)

As a Hispanic minority in the @NBA, I'm very satisfied & embrace the actions taken by our Commissioner Adam Silver. Great job #weareone #nba

— Charlie Villanueva (@CVBelieve)

#MuchRespect Adam Silver!!!

— Garrett Temple (@GTemp14)

Strong leadership from Commissioner Silver! He has my full support.

— David Robinson (@DavidtheAdmiral)

Adam Silver is showing incredible leadership through these actions. #support

— Anthony Tolliver (@ATolliver44)

NBA, job well done! Swift and Hard! Would be pretty sweet if Magic ended up as the next Owner!

— Quentin Richardson (@QRich)

Love that commissioner silver listened to what us players wanted and responded accordingly #NBA #RESPECT #NBPA

— Bernard James (@BernardRJames)

19. NBA Hall of Famer Kareem Abdul-Jabbar spoke at a press conference following the announcement.

“I’m just thrilled with what Commissioner Silver did. […] His actions and focus were so on the mark. We all started clapping because he handled it the right way. It’s gonna be a new day in this city and a lot of Clipper fans are gonna have a lot more to smile about.”

20. More former NBA players joined in expressing support for the lifetime ban.

Way to go, Commissioner Silver! The NBA stands for everybody!


Very proud of commissioner Silver for his leadership. Well done Adam!

— grant hill (@realgranthill33)

Commissioner Silver, FANTASTIC!!! New Sheriff lays down the law, kudos... Honest n precise.. #BANNEDForLife

— Reggie Miller (@ReggieMillerTNT)

@nba #AdamSilver thank you for standing up and leading not only in sport, but setting the example for society to follow!

— Isiah Thomas (@iamisiahthomas)

Fine is inconsequential...Never about money all about losing control of the team...Could never fine him enough to hurt but this does #NBA

— Greg Anthony (@GregAnthony50)

Adam Silver Bravo!!!!!!!!!!!!! It’s now in the hands of the other 29 owners.

— Steve Smith (@steve21smith)

The NBA will take his franchise but can't hinder Sterling's profits of selling the franchise but Silver has set the precedent for the NBA.

— Jay Williams (@RealJayWilliams)

There was no other solution! Adam Silver & the owners have made the right decision. #nba

— James Worthy (@James_Worthy42)

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