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    Nov 10, 2014

    Giants Pitcher Jake Peavy Will Buy A Cable Car And Turn It Into A Bar

    The man does love his commemorative novelty vehicles.

    In 2013, Jake Peavy bought a duck boat to celebrate the Red Sox winning the World Series.

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    Peavy apparently has not done anything with the boat, which his son says is now parked in Alabama and covered in mildew.

    Peavy will continue the tradition by purchasing a cable car to celebrate his 2014 World Series win with the Giants. After shipping it to Alabama, Peavy will turn it into a mobile bar, TMZ reports.

    Mike Kolesnikov

    FYI, a standard cable car interior is approximately 12 ft x 6 ft.

    Peavy is now a free agent, so if he wins a third consecutive World Series with a new team, he might be able to start a novelty vehicle franchise.

    Brad Mills/Usa Today Sports