Dan Marino Withdraws From NFL Concussion Lawsuit

The Sun Sentinel reports Marino’s inclusion was an error.

1. Updated — June 3, 6:24 p.m. ET

2. On Monday, the Los Angeles Times reported that Dan Marino, along with 14 other former players, joined the ongoing class-action lawsuit against the NFL’s handling of concussions.

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3. On Tuesday, the Sun Sentinel reported Marino and his attorneys are in the process of removing his name from the suit.

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5. Dan Marino released a statement late Tuesday, clarifying his reasons for withdrawal:

Within the last year I authorized a claim to be filed on my behalf just in case I needed future medical coverage to protect me and my family in the event I later suffered from the effects of head trauma. In so doing I did not realize I would be automatically listed as a plaintiff in a lawsuit against the NFL. I have made the decision it is not necessary for me to be part of any claims or this lawsuit and therefore I am withdrawing as a plaintiff effective immediately. I am sympathetic to other players who are seeking relief who may have suffered head injuries. I also disclaim any references in the form complaint of current head injuries.

6. The lawsuit includes about 5,000 former players and aims to dispute the $765 million settlement reached late 2013. The plaintiffs claim the settlement amount is not enough to cover damages incurred by the NFL’s handling of concussions.

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NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell.

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