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15 Dall Sheep Who Are Chill As Hell

They just wanna take it easy.

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1. "Hey dude."

2. "Don't mind the horns."

3. "I just wanna get your thoughts on the meaning of life."

4. "Is there more to life than mountains?"

5. "Hey dude. Party's over here."

6. "Yo, we found a corner spot."

7. "Did you bring pizza?"

8. "Mondays, ugh."

9. "More coffee. Now."

10. "Uuuuuuuuuuuuuuugh."

11. "Hey guys, what time is it?"

12. "4:20!"

13. "What he said."

14. "The munchies are harsh today."

15. "Dude, I'm glad we're friends."

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