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    Colin Kaepernick Under Investigation For "Suspicious Incident" In Miami

    The 49ers quarterback responded on Twitter to reports by TMZ that he and two other NFL players are being investigated by Miami police.

    Updated — April 14, 6:10 p.m. ET:

    On Thursday, TMZ reported San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick is under investigation for what it called an "alleged sexual assault" that took place earlier this month at the Viceroy Hotel in Miami.

    Later, Rene Pimental, spokesman for the Miami Police Department, clarified the report, saying the investigation being conducted by department is for a suspicious incident involving a woman at a hotel earlier this month.

    On Friday, the quarterback took to Twitter to express his side of the story.

    No charges have been filed yet against the quarterback or his two roommates. Below is the description given in the police report.

    New details surfaced on Monday, April 14th.

    Andy Slater of 940 WINZ Miami tweeted a report that indicates Ricardo Lockette called police when the woman refused to leave his apartment.

    It was then reported that Colin Kaepernick was not at the Viceroy during the incident.

    Source familiar with the case in Miami said Colin Kaepernick was not at his suite during the disturbance or when police arrived.

    The 49ers are looking into the incident, according to reports.