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An Ode To The Goal Post Dunk

The NFL will penalize goal post dunks next season. Here are 12 of our favorite celebrations.

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12. Never again will Drew Brees throw an air ball.

11. One less thing for JJ Watt to practice.

10. No more flying like an Eagle for you, Michael Vick.

Especially now that you're a Jet.
Wesley Hitt / Getty Images

Especially now that you're a Jet.

9. Same to you, LeSean McCoy

Rob Carr / Getty Images / Via

8. One more painful loss for Demaryius Thomas.

Garrett W. Ellwood / Getty Images / Via

7. Just another thing Reggie Bush has to give up.

AP Photo/Paul Sancya

6. Sorry Dez Bryant, you'll have to find new ways of drawing attention to yourself.

AP Photo/Tony Gutierrez

5. Mega bummer for Megatron.

4. Guess you'll have to save this for the gym, Torrey Smith.

Doug Kapustin / MCT via Getty Images

3. You got out just in time, Tony Gonzalez .

Mike Ehrmann / Getty Images / Via

2. You can hold your head high now, Vernon Davis.

1. Congrats on your legacy, Jimmy Graham.


We'll miss you.

Scott Cunningham / Getty Images / Via
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