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A Guide To Muting World Cup Tweets

Mute function, come to Brazil!

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For the next month, friends and acquaintances will suddenly reveal themselves as the world's biggest soccer/football/futbal fan, baffling you with their rooting interests for countries you're pretty sure they've never even visited.

Twitter: @erikmal

Maybe you're not into sports tweets, and that's okay. They come in waves, taking over your timeline and usually provide no context other than ALL CAPS EXCITEMENT!! If you use a client like Tweetdeck or TweetBot, you can mute specific users, terms, and hashtags. There is also an app that will prevent you from seeing spoilers.

Sports Twitter is impervious to the mute function, but we're here to help you get as close to a soccer-free timeline as possible. I mean, how could you possibly know to mute this?


Here's a list of are common Soccer Twitter keywords, in order of popularity.


And some bonus exclamations. Vary the number of vowels for best results.


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