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21 Problems Only Ballet Dancers Will Understand

"Reverse it!"

1. Your stand with your feet turned out. All the time.

In regular shoes, though.

2. You're always popping your joints. Especially your hips. Even in public.

3. You hear everything in either 3/4 or 4/4 time.

4. You've pretty much accepted you'll never be able to wear sandals in public.

5. This phrase fills you with panic: "Casting is up!"

6. You mentally choreograph simple routines to pretty much every song you hear.

7. You've spent hundreds of hours applying and removing stage makeup.

Sony Music Entertainment / Via

8. Just when you get your pointe shoes broken in, the box goes dead.

9. One of your hips is more flexible than the other.

10. You've owned at least one of each of these styles:

11. Watching yourself dance on video is a traumatic experience.

12. You're maybe *too* comfortable with your fellow dancers.

13. You could perform the entire Nutcracker from memory.

14. You'll never forget the time you did a perfect triple pirouette and no one saw it.

15. Springtime means summer program auditions.

Mario Tama / Getty Image

16. You study French to better understand combinations.

17. Your life is covered in bobby pins, but you can never find one when you really need one.

Same with hair nets.

18. Everything you own is stained with Tiger Balm.

19. And covered in Jet Glue.

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20. You swear you'll do your stretches tonight.

21. And of course, you've heard, "Oh, like Black Swan?" close to 100,000 times.