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10 Things I Wish I Was Warned About Before I Got My First Full Time Job

The adult life is really not all it's cracked up to be.

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Age has no correlation to maturity or competency. Actually, the older the person is, the more likely they are to be wrong, and the less likely they are to realize it. Do not waste your time trying to help them realize this. Instead, find the nicer adults who smile and ask them for help.


Very few adults are actually willing to help you, and most of them are incredibly busy. Try not to take an ignored email or cranky phone call personally. When you find someone who is kind and helpful, be sure to thank them and be willing to return the favor.



Coworkers talk about each other more than 16 year old girls. Try your best to stay out of it.

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When you over-hear adults starting the, "my kids.." conversation, make sure you are ready for it. Be prepared to buy girl scout cookies and to act interested in soccer games and junior prom. If this is not your cup of tea, you should try to avoid the area.



A surprising amount of 30+ year old people are moderately to completely miserable, and they are weirdly okay with telling everyone about it. Remember to (at least try to) find the good in everyone, even when they cannot.



But despite how much time they will talk to you about themselves, most people won't ask how you are doing. You should assume it is because they know you don't need any help, because you are awesome, and you likely do not have children or a cranky spouse.



You will find that many people do not actually do their job as well as you would have thought. This is going to make you wonder how they still have a job, and make you want to work less. BUT do not do it! Work hard and be proud of the things you accomplish.


You will never yearn for anything more than the weekend. Cherish them, but try to find joy at work.


You will find that your image of adulthood was all wrong. You are no longer in college. You must wear real pants and pay taxes.


But it's okay, because you are starting a new chapter in your life, so kiss your college years goodbye. Embrace the change and think positively. Always remember how your first year went so that you can help out the new members of the adult world next year!

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