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Do You Actually Belong On Jv+ Or Varsity?

sure, varsity gets all the credit but is credit really what gymnastics is all about?

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  1. Best Song To Jam To?

    Wannabee- Spice Girls
    Run The World- Beyoncé
  2. 1-10 How Much Do You Love Conditioning?

  3. Which Leo Is Superior?

    New Varsity Leo Duh!
    Old Varsity Leo Bc Pee!
  4. Which Bow is Superior?

    the one that says our names on it
    fuck bows i love scrunchies!!!!
  5. How Much Mat Could Chelsie Chuck If Chelsie Could Chuck Mat?

    Chelsie doesn't chuck mat. She does bars.
  6. Which Warm- Up Is Superior?

    The Jump Rope Warm- Up
    Literally Anything Else
  7. How Much Of Your Butt Hangs Out When Wearing Booty Shorts?

    a lot
    shorts are for the weak
  8. What's a Jaeger?

    it's a jaguar but you didn't use spell check
    chelsie's bar release duh!
  9. This Is ______


Do You Actually Belong On Jv+ Or Varsity?

You got: Varsity

Wow! A real life varsity member in the flesh! You must be pretty frickin cool too be on varsity? New leos? CHECK! Pretty bows? CHECK! Kimmi as a coach? not quite... Either way you're still a BAB and deserve to be the one walking in during snowcoming. Rock on!

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You got: JV+

So you aren't cut out to be a varsity member? That's ok! Varsity isn't for everybody. Gymnastics is fun after all. Does this mean you aren't as fun and talented? Nope. You still have the talent but not the charisma that is necessary to be an official inducted member of the varsity squad. Better luck next year!

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