Women Modeled With Their Biggest Fears And Lots Of Crying Went Down

    "I should've said I was scared of kittens."

    Posing for pictures doesn't seem so hard on its own, but can you still look like a model when you're face-to-face with your biggest fear? These 4 ladies decided to find out the very, very hard way — by doing it IRL.

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    Sheridan is "deathly" afraid of birds and will cross the street if she sees a pigeon to avoid it.

    Jazzmyne hates snakes and is convinced they will "eat her face."

    Chrissy moved out of New York City because a flying coackroach landed on her once.

    And Nina doesn't trust spiders because they have "too many legs and too many eyes."

    So, they enlisted the help of former America's Next Top Model contestant Isis King to give them pointers on how to pose through anything.

    After a quick pep talk, it was time to start the photoshoots.

    Sheridan was up first and broke down before she even saw the bird.

    But she managed to BRING IT despite being just a few feet away from her biggest fear.

    Jazzmyne couldn't even handle the thought of a snake touching her neck at first.

    But after spending some time with the snake, she managed to put her fears aside and totally kill it for the camera.

    Chrissy could barely handle the thought of a hissing cockroach being anywhere near her.

    But she pulled through her fear (and tears) to pull out a smile or two for the camera.

    Nina was super skeptical of putting the spider her on shoulder at first...

    But she ended up serving some serious fierceness.

    And now for the final photos...

    Sheridan slayyyeddd in her red dress next to the bird.

    Jazzmyne served some serious face with her snake.

    Chrissy managed to pull out a smile while a cockroach was just mere inches away from her face.

    And Nina freakin' killed her photo while a spider sat in her hair.

    In the end, everyone was super proud of overcoming their fears and being able to take home a bomb-ass photo as proof.