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    Adult Vs Teen Going Out Fashion Challenge

    This challenge confirmed everything we already knew: 17-year-olds are so much smarter and cooler than us.

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    Finding the perfect outfit to go out in is hard enough. Now, imagine having to find the perfect outfit for someone else who you barely know — when there's a 10-year age difference?


    Watch Kelsey give it a go!

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    Welp, that's exactly what Kelsey and Dalhia signed up to do with the help of the lovely and fabulous Jazzmyne, our hostess with the mostess.


    Full disclosure: Kelsey was scared shitless about this challenge.

    If you recall, the last time we saw Jazzmyne she went up against an adorable 17-year-old for a concert outfit challenge, which they both fucking nailed!


    Now she wanted her bestie to join in on the fun with her own fashion face-off with a 17-year-old fashionista.

    Alright, so first things first: How would these two fashionable ladies describe their own personal style? Dahlia is all about vintage fashion. She describes herself as an old soul.


    "I go by the rule: It needs to be old or look old." So basically, Dahlia is all over any look ranging from the 1950s to the 1980s.

    On the other side of the fashion spectrum, Kelsey described her style as more minimalistic and plain with not a lot of character. Don't be so hard on yourself, Kelsey!

    BuzzFeed / Via Instagram: @kelseydarragh

    Dahlia, on the other hand, described Kelsey's look more like the typical fashion of the time. "I see a lot of people in fashion magazines and especially on TV shows that dress like her."

    Alright, so here's the deal: The ladies had 20 minutes and the entire Forever 21 store all to themselves to make it happen!


    Ready. Set? Go!

    Dahlia's game plan was to work off of what she knew about fashion and try to incorporate what Kelsey told her she likes.


    Jazz dug it.

    Meanwhile, Kelsey was honestly freaking the fuck out...until she saw this sparkly, shimmery dress with flowers on it!


    Her strategy was to think about what her grandmother would wear if she were still alive. Solid plan.

    And what's a challenge without a little curveball? Just when they both thought they had this going out fashion challenge in the bag, Jazz showed up with a note telling them the outfits had to feature some shine.


    Check, and check! Nice try, Jazz.

    Cool! Then it was time to reveal the outfits they bought for each other. OMG the suspense!


    Whaaaaat? Dahlia looked fucking fabulous, and she loved the dress.

    BuzzFeed / Via BuzzFeed

    Okay, so she wasn't a fan of the shoes BUT, she was very pleasantly surprised with how well the dress fit, and she said it was something she would've normally never picked out for herself at the store.

    Then it was Kelsey's turn to show off her going out ensemble picked out by Dahlia, and it did not disappoint!


    It looked so good! It was a perfect combination of both their styles with a kind of doily-like, grandma-style top, but sexy as hell.

    In the end, both Kelsey and Dahlia learned that it's good to take fashion risks every now and then, and rock something you normally wouldn't wear.


    Cause you never know!

    Great job, ladies!


    This feels like the beginning of a beautiful friendship.

    Now, do tell! Who do you think Jazzmyne should challenge with a fashion face-off next?