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    We Had A Teen And An Adult Pick Out The Perfect Party Outfit For Each Other

    Reconsider things you said you'd never wear.

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    In the series finale of 17 vs 27, Jazzmyne is back with her fabulous self and a brand new fashion challenge.


    This time around, the participants picked the ultimate party outfit for each other.

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    This is Kuwilileni and Michelle, and their styles are pretty much polar opposite, which made this fashion challenge that much more fun.


    Michelle described her style as always switching, so one day it could be super vintage and the next it's totally 90s hip-hop street style.


    "I have never had anyone shop for me, but I'm really interested to see how she's gonna style me."

    Kuwilileni, on the other hand, described her style as unique. She loves colors, patterns, and favors unique signature pieces.


    She was looking for an outfit that could pull a little tail at a party, but could still get her that raise at work. Yasss!

    The ladies hit up H&M and had exactly 30 minutes to pick out an outfit for each other. Ready. Set? Go!


    Jazzmyne promised to check in 15 minutes into the challenge with a special surprise.

    Michelle had a solid gameplan: Find something chic and modern and build on it from there.


    Although Kuwilileni is not a pant's person, Michelle was totally thinking about putting her in some. What a rebel.

    Meanwhile, Kuwilileni wanted to first find a signature piece, and build her outfit around that.


    "At first I was looking at a lot of the elegant stuff, but then I realized halfway through that that's what I would wear, so I regrouped and went straight to the streetwear."

    They were rocking the challenge but, just when they were really feeling like hot shit, Jazzmyne popped in with a not-so-sweet surprise.


    They had to somehow incorporate a piece of clothing from the men's department into their outfit. *facepalm*

    Michelle was worried and Kuwilileni was, like, "Bring it on, bitch!"


    They both ended up taking on the challenge like bosses.

    Time was up! Outfits had been picked out, and they were ready for the big reveal.


    Michelle was up first, and she looked fucking rad! I mean, look at her rocking this outfit Kuwilileni picked out for her.


    "I never thought I would wear this skirt, to be honest, but it fits perfectly, and then the jacket gives me the Rihanna vibe, ya' know?"

    Then it was Kuwilileni's turn to show off the outfit Michelle picked out for her — and OMG Yasssss!


    Not only did she wear pants (something she never does), but she absolutely rocked them. That coat and top were also perfect. A pair of black men's gloves were also part of the outfit (not pictured).

    This experience made Kuwilileni want to revisit some of the things she doesn't do because she realized she may still have some lingering insecurities from her younger days.


    And that's bullshit.

    Michelle said, "Twenty-seven-year-olds are really cool and they still got spice in them. But I like being a teenager." LOL!


    Keep it real, Michelle!

    Now, just because this was the series finale of 17 vs 27 doesn't mean you can't watch (or rewatch) the entire season.


    So do it.