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Adult Vs. Teen Holiday Party Outfit Fashion Challenge

Nothing says I've got holiday cheer like a bomb outfit.

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ICYMI, we've had adult vs. teen challenges for concert outfits and a going out ensemble. Now we tackled the holiday party outfit.


Rocking a holiday outfit is super fun, and most of us totally plan out what we're going to wear on Christmas and New Year's Eve. Don't lie.

Who do you think will win this round? Watch to find out!

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Radhika said her style is more rocker chic and she tends to wear black because it's her favorite color.


That leather jacket Radhika was rocking was also a strong indication that she likes to be a little edgy.


Sara, on the other hand, likes a lot of textures and patterns. She described her clothes as sort of a funhouse.


She admitted to not knowing holiday outfits were a thing until a couple of years ago and was delighted that they (sometimes) entail a whole lot of sequence.


First to rock her holiday party outfit was Radhika, and she looked absolutely fabulous!


Sara was nervous about the length, but it was perfect! "You look expensive as hell." LOL! Radhika loved the color of her outfit paired with pink shoes.