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The Animals On "Friends" Ranked From Worst To Best

It's a short list, but an important one.

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9. Paolo's Cat


As soon as Ross was about to confess his feelings for Rachel, this cat thought it would be a great idea to jump on him, and bring Paolo into our lives, which let's be honest, we're still bitter about. Paolo, keep yourself and your cat locked in your apartment.

8. Mrs. Whiskerson


Mrs. Whiskerson wasn't the most lovable animal which is why she ranks so low on the list, but at the end she did land a nice home with Gunther. But the question still remains — Is she a snake? Is she inside-out? The world may never know.

7. Bob the Rat


We never got to see this critter and Bob met an unfortunate fate before we actually could. The fellow was like a part of Phoebe's family, but also invaded her home and had lots of babies, so that's a bit uncool.

6. Julio the Cat


Although Phoebe and Julio had a rough start, she came to the conclusion that Julio was in fact her mother reincarnated. It turned out this cat belonged to a little girl, but could very possibly also be Mrs. Buffay.


5. Chappy


Chappy was a sweet little dog that just couldn't handle the cold weather. He was a groomsmen to Mike and had to be walked down the aisle by Ross because the poor little guy couldn't deal with the snow. You'll get warm soon, Chappy!

4. Marcel


To be honest I wasn't Marcel's biggest fan. He was crazy, he got loose, and was always stirring up trouble. But Ross loved him, and he played "The Lion Sleeps Tonight" on repeat which I can't be mad at. Marcel also became a big movie star so maybe I'm just a bit jealous.

3. Klunkers


Klunkers was a happy dog that got caught in the middle of some lies and drama. He was a fun guy and didn't let the whole "Chandler is Allergic to Dogs, but Really Just Doesn't Like Them thing" get him down. Of course Chandler got over his dislike of Klunkers, because I mean really, look at that face.

2. Mozzarella


While Joey was busy being sad over Rachel, Phoebe went to get the happiest dog out there to cheer him up! With a name like Mozzarella, how can you not be happy all the time? Poor Mozzarella didn't know what he was getting himself into and went on a downward spiral with Joey. Mozzarella may have only been in one episode, but the name and his will to hang with Joey during one of his lowest times earns him the number two spot.

1. The Chick and The Duck


Could it be any more obvious that these two were going to grab the number one spot?! These guys were with Chandler and Joey through thick and thin. They kept them company, they raced, they played hide and seek, and they really knew how to party. Here's to the best out there: the Chick and the Duck.

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