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Here Are 7 Weeknight Dump Dinners You Can Make In Your Slow Cooker

Set it, forget it, then come home to deliciousness.

The best thing about a slow cooker is dumping everything in, leaving for work, and then coming home to dinner already done.

There's a ~little bit of prep~ in the morning — chopping and then adding everything to the pot — but it's all worth it for a more relaxing post-work evening.

If you don't have a slow cooker, check out these other ideas for dinner here and here.

1. Slow Cooker French Onion Soup

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I love a soup that wears a cheese blanket. Give the onions a quick sauté before letting them get stewy and delicious in the slow cooker. Then, ladle into serving bowls and melt the cheese with the broiler. Get the recipe here.

2. Crockpot Italian Chicken and Broccoli Rabe Chili

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The saucy chicken cooks all day, then the beans, broccoli rabe, and pepper go in the last 30 minutes of cooking. Just enough time to pour a glass of wine and fit in a quick episode of TV. Get the recipe here.

3. Crispy Slow Cooker Carnitas

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It still amazes me that you can stick a piece of pork in a slow cooker, leave for work, and come home to meltingly tender pork. Serve these carnitas, aka braised pork, with cilantro, chopped white onions, tortillas, and a hefty dollop of guacamole. Get the recipe here.

4. Crock Pot Italian Beef Sandwiches

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As simple as it gets. Only five ingredients go into the slow cooked beef! (The rolls and cheese are extra.) Get the recipe here.

5. Skinny Veggie Crockpot Lasagna

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Lasagna made in a slow cooker! WHAAAAAT?! The key to this keeping this vegetarian lasagna from getting too soupy and mushy is letting the noodles soak up the liquid for an hour after the heat's off. Get the recipe here.

6. Slow Cooker Chicken Fajita Chili

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The best part of a slow cooker? The leftovers. Get the recipe for the chili here and 5 ideas for any extras here.

7. Crock Pot Mexican-Stuffed Bell Peppers

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The best stuffed peppers steam long enough to get soft and tender, and thankfully, steaming is the slow cooker's A-game. Get the recipe here.