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5 Insanely Delicious Chicken Soup Recipes You'll Want To Make Again And Again

As good as your mom makes, I promise.

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Have you ever wondered why your mom's homemade chicken soup tasted so delicious? I hate to break it to ya, but love wasn't the ~only~ reason it tasted so good. It was FROM SCRATCH.

Lindsay Hunt / Andrew Richard / BuzzFeed

But, it turns out, amazingly delicious, from-scratch, homestyle chicken soup is actually pretty EASY.

Easy, like: Cook some chicken with some vegetables in water. Then strain it. Now you have THE ONLY TWO THINGS you need to make killer chicken soup: cooked chicken + chicken broth.

Start by getting these ingredients together to cook the chicken and make the broth.

Lauren Zaser, Andrew Richard / BuzzFeed

You'll need some chicken, carrots, onions, bay leaves, garlic, thyme, parsley, salt, celery, peppercorns, and water. Get the full ingredient list at the bottom of this photo step-by-step.


2. Bring the whole thing to a boil and then turn it down to a gentle simmer. You'll want to see some casual bubbles popping up here and there, but not a ton of bubbles. Skim off any fat from the top of the pot and discard.

3. Start checking the chicken around 25 minutes. It's done when you can pull the meat apart easily using two forks. Shred the chicken into bite-size pieces, discarding the skin.

You can save the chicken bones to make more stock later, or discard them.

4. Now it's time to strain that broth — aka liquid gold. This is SO much better than anything you can buy at the store.

To avoid painful splashing and any burns, scoop out the big chunks first and then pour the liquid over top.

P.S. If you don't have a fine mesh strainer already, it makes things like this super easy. I love this one from Oxo and use it all the time making ricotta, straining pasta, and of course, making this soup.


Homemade Chicken and Broth

Makes 4 to 5 cups shredded chicken and 8 cups chicken broth

2 stalks celery, quartered

1 large carrot, quartered

1 onion, quartered

1 head of garlic, halved horizontally

5 to 7 fresh parsley sprigs

8 to 10 thyme sprigs

2 bay leaves

10 to 15 peppercorns

2 teaspoons kosher salt

3 ½ to 4 pounds bone-in, chicken pieces, a mixture of dark and light meat 10 cups cold water

Put all the ingredients except the water in a large stock pot, with the chicken on top. Cover with the water, ensuring that the chicken is submerged. Bring to a boil and immediately reduce to a bare simmer. Cook until the chicken is cooked through, 30 to 35 minutes, skimming off and discarding any foam that rises to the top of the surface. Remove the chicken from the stock and set aside to cool slightly while you strain the stock through a fine-mesh strainer and discard the solids

Shred the chicken into bite-size pieces, discarding the skin. (You can save the bones to make more stock another time or discard them.)

At this point, you can make soup right away or refrigerate the chicken in an airtight container for up to 3 days. You can refrigerate the stock in an airtight container for up to 1 week, or freeze it for up to 2 months

Recipe by Lindsay Hunt

Now that you have that AMAZING broth, you can make chicken noodle soup in MINUTES.

The full recipe and four delicious variations are at the end of the post.

You'll need these ingredients to make the soup.

Lauren Zaser / Andrew Richard / BuzzFeed

In addition to the stock and chicken, you'll need egg noodles, parsley, celery, carrots, olive oil, salt and pepper, onion, garlic, and parmesan.


Classic Chicken Noodle Soup

Serves 4 to 6

¼ cup olive oil

1 large onion, chopped

3 large carrots, sliced

4 stalks celery, chopped

Kosher salt and black pepper

3 cloves garlic, chopped

8 cups chicken broth (see recipe above)

8 ounces egg noodles

4 to 5 cups coarsely shredded chicken (see recipe above)

½ cup chopped fresh parsley

Parmesan, for serving

1. Heat the olive oil until shimmering over medium heat in a large soup pot. Add the onion, carrots, celery, and 1 teaspoon each salt and pepper. Cooking, stirring frequently, until the vegetables are very soft, about 15 minutes. Add the garlic and cook until fragrant, about 1 minute. Add the stock and bring to a boil.

2. Add the noodles and cook 6 minutes, then add the chicken and cook about 2 minutes more, until the noodles are cooked through and the chicken is warmed through. Season to taste with salt and pepper, then stir in the parsley. Serve topped with Parmesan.

MAKE AHEAD: Do not add the noodles or parsley. Cool and refrigerate the soup in an airtight container for four days, or in the freezer for up to two months. Reheat on the stove and add the noodles and parsley just before serving.

Recipe by Lindsay Hunt

OK! Now that you know how to make chicken soup you can use the same general method to make endless variations. To get you started, try these four delicious ways to use the chicken and broth.


Lemony Chicken Soup With Potato and White Beans

Lindsay Hunt / Andrew Richard / BuzzFeed

Serves 4 to 6

Heat 3 Tbsp. olive oil until shimmering over medium heat in a large soup pot. Add 1 chopped large onion, 2 stalks chopped celery, 1 tsp. kosher salt, and ½ tsp. black pepper. Cook, stirring frequently, until soft, about 10 minutes. Add the 2 tsp. dried oregano and 1 tsp. fennel seeds and cook until fragrant, 1 minute. Add 1¼ lbs. quartered new potatoes and 8 cups chicken broth and bring to a boil.

Reduce the heat to a simmer and cook until the potatoes are almost tender, 9 to 11 minutes. Stir in (2) 15.5-oz. cans white beans (rinsed), and 4 to 5 cups cooked, shredded chicken and cook until heated through and the potatoes are tender, about 2 minutes more. Stir in ½ cup chopped mixed tender herbs (such as dill, chives, and parsley) and ¼ cup fresh lemon juice. Season with salt and pepper to taste. Serve hot.

Recipe by Lindsay Hunt

Spicy Chicken Tortilla Soup

Lindsay Hunt / Andrew Richard / BuzzFeed

Heat 3 Tbsp. olive oil in a large pot over medium heat. Add 1 large chopped onion, 1 large finely chopped jalapeño, 2 tsp. each ground cumin and kosher salt, 1 tsp. each chili powder and black pepper, and cook until the onion is very tender, 12 to 14 minutes, stirring often so that the spices don’t burn. Add (1) 28-oz. can fire-roasted tomatoes and cook until slightly thickened, 3 to 5 minutes. Add 8 cups chicken broth and bring to a boil, then stir in 4 to 5 cups cooked, shredded chicken and cook until heated through, 2 minutes.

Serve topped with sliced avocado, cilantro leaves, crushed tortilla chips, sour cream, grated cheddar, and lime wedges.

Recipe by Lindsay Hunt

12. Ramen Chicken Soup With a Boiled Egg

Lindsay Hunt / Andrew Richard / BuzzFeed

Serves 4 to 6

Thinly slice 1 bunch of scallions. Set the dark green parts aside. Add the white and light green scallion parts to a large pot with 3 Tbsp. canola oil and 4 chopped cloves garlic. Cook over medium heat until the scallions are tender, 4 minutes. Add 3 Tbsp. white miso paste and 1 Tbsp. grated fresh ginger. Cook 1 minute and then add 8 cups chicken broth. Bring to a boil, then stir in 4 to 5 cups cooked, shredded chicken and (2) 3-oz. packages ramen noodles and cook until the chicken is heated through and the noodles are just cooked, 2 minutes. Stir in 3 Tbsp. soy sauce, and 1 Tbsp. each rice vinegar, and toasted sesame oil.

Meanwhile bring a small pot of water to a boil. Gently lower 6 large eggs into the pot and return the water to a boil. Cook 7 minutes, then drain and peel. Serve on the soup, topped with the scallion greens and Sriracha or another hot sauce.

Recipe by Lindsay Hunt

Curried Coconut and Greens Chicken Soup

Lindsay Hunt / Andrew Richard / BuzzFeed

Serves 4 to 6

Thinly slice 1 bunch scallions. Set dark green parts aside. Add the white and light green scallions to a large pot with ¼ cup canola oil, 1 thinly sliced small jalapeño chile and 2 tsp. kosher salt. Cook over medium heat, stirring often, until the scallions are soft, about 4 minutes. Add 6 chopped cloves garlic and ¼ cup red curry paste and cook 1 minute, stirring. Add (3) 4-oz. cans coconut cream and whisk to combine.

Add 7 cups chicken broth, bring to a boil, reduce to a simmer, and cook for 12 to 15 minutes, until reduced by about one quarter. Stir in 8 cups stemmed and torn kale and 4 to 5 cups cooked, shredded chicken and cook until the kale is tender and the chicken is hot, about 2 minutes. Serve hot, topped with more sliced jalapeño, sliced snap peas, cilantro leaves (optional), and a wedge of lime.

Recipe by Lindsay Hunt


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