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    13 Recipes For People Who Think They Hate Slow Cookers

    You're about to fall in love.

    You might think the slow cooker isn't your thing. But I have news for you: If you like brownies, or pulled pork, or cinnamon rolls, or CHEESY POTATOES, the slow cooker IS for you.

    Here are 13 reasons to become one of those annoying slow cooker obsessives.

    1. Cheesy bacon ranch potatoes are in the slow cooker's wheelhouse. Also in my wheelhouse.

    2. You can plan ahead by prepping entire meals and freezing them in a zip-top bag, so all you have to do is dump it all in and press start.

    3. Heyyoooo, meatballs in the house. They're great served straight from the slow cooker because they stay extra hot and saucy.

    4. Anything bacon-wrapped, like this pork loin, is perfect in the ol' cooker.

    5. Slow cookers encourage cream cheese in your soup.

    6. Gaze upon this honey-balsamic pulled pork and tell me you aren't drooling.

    7. A slow cooker is great for cooking up homemade Chex Mix.

    8. Or stirring together some crack... er, I mean, buffalo chicken dip.

    9. How about some s'mores brownies that are, wait for it....made in the slow cooker!

    10. Or make a big batch of hot chocolate and spike it with NUTELLA. Serving size: one.

    11. ALERT! Even these pillowy cinnamon rolls can be made in a slow cooker!

    12. If you've ever had apple butter then you already know you should try making it in the slow cooker immediately.

    13. You can even slow-mull cider in the slow cooker. Don't forget to spike it with booze.