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An NYC Shop Is Making Insane Rolled Ice Cream And It's Mesmerizing


10Below Ice Cream is a new store in New York City serving a traditional Thai street food most Americans have never tried: rolled ice cream.

Lindsay Hunt / Via BuzzFeed

The Cookie Monster has mini chocolate chips, Cocoa Krispies, and Oreos, obvi.

This is a typical line for the shop.

First you pick your flavor combo.

Lindsay Hunt / Via BuzzFeed

We ordered the Strawberry Shawty, Cookie Monster, and Smores Galore. Major plus: It's only $6 (with tax) for one of these and you can definitely share with a friend.

To make your order, they pour a liquid ice cream and the mix-ins into a chilled metal container, which cools the combo as they chop in the ingredients. Then they use a metal scraper to roll the chilled ice cream into scrolls. Watch:

It only takes two minutes! And it's totally ~mesmerizing~. See?

This is basically a super-fast version of what happens in any ice cream maker. Here's the Smores Galore in progress.

The Smores Galore comes with a toasted marshmallow.

Lindsay Hunt / Via BuzzFeed

There's chopped graham and chocolate syrup in the ice cream, too.

This is the Strawberry Shawty.


It has graham crackers and strawberries in the ice cream and on top.

Not only is rolled ice cream insanely delicious, it's made to be 'grammed.

Lindsay Hunt / Via BuzzFeed

They even have a cute mural with their whale mascot who is wearing an ice cream cone hat. Hold your cup up and snap away.

10Below is located at 10 Mott St. in Chinatown, NYC.

Lindsay Hunt / Via BuzzFeed

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