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It's Time To Ask Khloé Kardashian Some Of Your Most Burning Questions

Now's your chance!!

Everyone knows Khloé Kardashian — star of Keeping Up with the Kardashians, Kris Jenner's daughter, and all-around complete and total badass.

Like, COME ON!

And guess what? BuzzFeed will be sitting down with Khloé to ask her YOUR most burning questions.

Ever wonder how many group texts she has going on at once with her fam?

Or what her all-time favorite cheat meal is?

Want to ask her about the moment she realized her mom wasn't like other moms, but a COOL MOM?!

Or what part of the ~getting ready~ process she hates the most?

Well now's your chance! If you have a question for Khloé, throw it in the comment section below and look out for our interview on BuzzFeed Celeb!