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Tyrese Gibson Reacts To 8 Insane Situations If He Were The Mayor Of LA

Denzel Washington missed the town parade, you guys.

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As mayor of this year's BET Experience, a four day celebration of endless entertainment with performances by Nicki Minaj, Snoop Dogg, and more, we decided to put Tyrese Gibson's decision making skills to the test by crowning him mayor of Los Angeles. Sure, he's the head honcho and lead host for BETX, but what if Miley Cyrus' excessive twerking started a city-wide riot around town? Mayor Tyrese, WHAT WOULD YOU DO?!

1. Pirate ships have swarmed the Santa Monica pier and Johnny Depp is to blame.

Christina Hardtman / BuzzFeed

Tyrese: No. We gotta shut it all down. We're not playin' that. We're not playin' pirate ships coming near the pier. Under my watch, that's not happening.

3. You're giving a speech before the citizens of Hollywood and Kanye walks up and grabs the mic.

Christina Hardtman / BuzzFeed

Tyrese: He's probably got something to say that's gonna contribute to whatever issues I'm speaking on. Let him speak!

4. Denzel Washington calls to tell you he can’t make it to the town parade because he’s too busy Remembering The Titans.

Christina Hardtman / BuzzFeed

Tyrese: Not a problem. I understand you happen to be Denzel Washington and I'm sure you're busy. I'm sure you're somewhere hearin' somebody say "Action!" and "Cut!" We good.

Christina Hardtman / BuzzFeed

Tyrese: If we had a Kevin Hart lawsuit, I'd take care of him. I'd want to understand the problem. "How did you fall? Was there a crack? Was the curb too high?" I'd have questions, but I'd take care of him.

7. Formal complaints have been filed by over 100 Hollywood residents due to Miley Cyrus’ excessive twerking in public.

Christina Hardtman / BuzzFeed

Tyrese: I would have to agree with the people. Whatever version of twerking Miley does, that 'aint really for me.

8. Nicki Minaj demands a police motorcade every time she transports her wigs.

Christina Hardtman / BuzzFeed

Tyrese: I'll give her a couple, but not every time. She may have a lot of wigs, and that'd be a lot of police escorts. Taxes from the state. We can't do that.

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