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    21 People Who Are Stressed AF That Their Mom Is On Twitter

    "My mom is on Twitter. I have no safe place."

    1. When you just need space:

    mom: Hayley can I follow you on Twitter? me:

    2. When she's left you with no other choice:

    My mom handed me her phone to find me on Twitter... So I deleted her account, uninstalled the app, and told her it went out of business.

    3. When she calls you out HARD for the world to see:

    4. When she swoops in outta nowhere because moms are ALWAYS watching:

    5. When the tables suddenly turn:

    6. And she starts beating you at your own damn game:

    my mom unfollowed me on Twitter but follows some of my friends...her shade is unreal

    7. Or worse — when out of ALL the handles, she takes the only one you actually need:

    Just found out my mom is was using my name on twitter! Thats why i cant use my own frkn name! Mom!?!

    8. When you suddenly become holy and studious:

    Hey everyone I love Jesus Christ and my family! Stay in school and don't do drugs (my mom just followed me on Twitter this is me now)

    9. When you have nowhere else to run:

    my mom is on twitter I have no safe place

    10. Except maybe Tumblr:

    Welp, my mom is on Twitter now. Tumblr is the only sanctuary left.

    11. When she's just too proud and can't fucking help it:

    12. When she 100% has the upper-hand:

    My mom won't cook dinner bc me and my sisters won't follow her back on Twitter 💀😭

    13. And completely steals everything you've ever wanted:

    14. When your DMs are through the roof:

    My mom just private messaged me on twitter to correct my spelling...

    15. When you have her best interest at heart:

    Had to block my mom on twitter because if she saw my tweets she would be really disappointed.

    16. When you finally thought you were off the hook:

    Oh shit, my mom is back on Twitter.

    17. And you send out a warning to save everyone you can:

    I'm sorry if my mom followed u on Twitter just block

    18. When you get in trouble for just doing you:

    My mom found out that I blocked her on Twitter and gave me another serious talk

    19. When you realize by her first tweet that the girl is ready:

    Why is my mom on Twitter? Please report and block her

    20. When your favorite words can be no longer:

    My mom now follows me on Twitter so i guess it is time to cut back on tweets involving the word titties

    21. And finally, when you realize your life is over:

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