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    This Throwback Video Of Kim Kardashian, Kristin Cavallari, And Mario Lopez Dancing To Mariah Carey In Miami Is The Most Random Thing I've Ever Seen

    2008 was a magical time.

    There's nothing I love more than a good Kardashian throwback and boyyyyyy, do I have a random one.

    Today's #TBT comes courtesy of Kim Kardashian's very first YouTube channel and it's a gem of a video too amazing to be ignored.

    In case you didn't know (or just simply forgot about this very important piece of information), Kristin Cavallari used to hang out with Kourtney and Kim Kardashian back in the day.

    Well, on March 13, 2009, Kim uploaded this hilarious video with the title "Mariah Carey Singalong" and the footage is pretttttty great.

    View this video on YouTube

    The video was taken at the Fontainebleau Miami Beach grand opening in November 2008.

    The video starts out with an intro encompassing every ounce of Kim's early '00s aesthetic.

    And then quickly flashes to a giddy Kim and Kristin dancing and singing all the wrong words to the tunes.

    Kourtney's there too, and the three of them seem to be having the night of their lives.

    Then, from what I can tell, it looks like Kourtney licks Kristin's face????

    All while Mario Lopez bops along to the beat.

    To wrap it all up, Kim's video ends with this iconic sideways shot of Mariah on stage, and I couldn't love it any more.