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Seth Rogen, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, And Anthony Mackie Play An Epic Game Of "Never Have I Ever"

"I called a girl in high school a nickname I forgot you weren't supposed to call her. It was peanut-head." -Seth Rogen

The stars of The Night Before — Seth Rogen, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, and Anthony Mackie — stopped by BuzzFeed Brews to play a game of "Never Have I Ever."

Never have I ever...

Thrown up in public.

Thrown up in church.

Anthony: Everybody was a child. Like, you're a baby and you're like, "Mommy, I don't feel good."

Seth: I didn't go to church as a baby, homie. I threw up in Schul — that's not church.

Played inside an FAO Schwarz as an adult IRL.

Anthony: Oh yeah. I'll just go around and play with teddy bears and shit.

Seth: I wish I had! Is it still open?

Anthony: Nah, it's gone. Apple bought all that shit.

Spent a holiday alone.

Seth: Oh, I have.

Anthony: Nope. People like me, homie.

Seth: Sorry, get to know yourself, maybe. Spend some time with yourself.

Embarrassed your significant other at a fancy event.

Anthony: All day.

Seth: All day.

Anthony: I feel like that's your job as a married man.

Lied to your parents about not being in town when you were.

Seth: I've never done that.

Had a pep-talk with yourself in the mirror, sober or not.

Anthony: That's every day.

Joseph: You're talking to three actors.

Seth: "You can DO THIS Joe! You got this!"

Anthony: "Yo, man. Go out there and let 'em know who's the boss! King Kong in the building!"

Accidentally taken someone else's phone.

Anthony: Oh, yeah.

Seth: I have.

BuzzFeed: Did you see anything interesting on it?

Anthony: No.

Seth: No — it was locked. I looked! But it was locked.

Told a pregnant woman she looked "big."

Seth: I didn't know you weren't supposed to do that!

Anthony: Right.

Seth: They are big! "You're big!" I didn't know I wasn't supposed to do that. That's what you can say when you see a woman that's big all of a sudden, I thought. But you don't do that. They don't like that.

Anthony: No.

Seth: I say, "You're the SAME SIZE!"

Anthony: What's worse is when you find out they're NOT pregnant. That happens to me ALL the time.

Seth: You've congratulated me three times on my pregnancy. I keep telling you it's impossible.

Anthony: Like, Seth. You gotta make money off of this man.

Seth: "You're carrying high."

Been sucker-punched.

Anthony: Oh yeah.

Seth: Never. Come on! What'd you do Mackie?

Anthony: I didn't do nothin'! I got sucker-punched by a chic. Oh, she whooped my ass! Her girlfriend was an usher at this play I was doing at the public theater. So I'm talking to her and I'm like, "Yo, Kim. Let's hangout," and she's like, "Alright." So we go to the little lounge area and we're walking out and she pulled up and she punched me in the mouth. HARD.

BuzzFeed: I feel like there's a part of that story that you left out, maybe.

Seth: That's NOT the whole story. "For no reason, she hit me! Then some stuff happened."

Anthony: OK, that was a condensed version. It started with me talking to her girlfriend, and her fighting me.

Seth: OK, Mackie.

Anthony: And I didn't fight back!


Hooked up with someone, and then had them steal something from you.

Anthony: WHAT THE FUCK?! Are you serious?!

Seth: Of course I'm serious! Have I ever hooked up with someone who ROBBED ME? NO!

Anthony: Really?

Seth: Why is that weird? That's weird?

Anthony: I feel like that's pretty common in New York, right?

Seth: I don't think that's that common. I've only hooked up with like three burglars and they were all off-duty that night.

Partied with Miley Cyrus.

Seth: I have.

Anthony: I wasn't invited.

Seth: I know, you weren't.

Anthony: You're an asshole, just so you know.

Seth: That's why you get punched all the time.

Anthony: Miley Cyrus would punch me in the face, and rob me! "Give me your watch, bitch!"

Had a drink thrown in your face.

Seth: I have. I called a girl in high school a nickname I forgot you weren't supposed to call her.

Anthony: What'd you get? Milk in your face?

Seth: No, she actually threw a drink and flicked a cigarette butt in my face. Some people have nicknames and you forget if they're to-their-face nicknames or behind-their-back nicknames, and I thought it was a to-your-face nickname but it was NOT a to-your-face nickname. It was a decidedly behind-your-back nickname.

Anthony: So she walked up and you were like, "Hey, penis kryptonite!"

Seth: Yeah.

Anthony: What!

Seth: No, it wasn't that. It was something that could've gone either way. I don't want to say it honestly, because I don't want to make the wound any deeper.

Audience: Say it!

Seth: It was peanut-head. We called her peanut-head.

Anthony: HOW could that be a to-your-face nickname?

Seth: In retrospect, you're right! It was my fault. I'm not defending this! I'm not going into this story saying I was right. I'm saying that I forgot that you weren't supposed to call her peanut-head.

Anthony: Unless you're a short black dude, that's an awful nickname.

Seth: I was excited to see her!

Joseph: Wait, why would it not be awful if you're a short black dude?

Anthony: Because every short black dude's nickname is nut or peanut. Or like, big nut or something like that. All of 'em.

Joseph: Well, one black dude I knew named peanut was NOT a little guy.

Anthony: Well, that's a whole different conversation.

BuzzFeed: Peanut-head if you're listening, Seth is sorry.

Seth: I'm sorry. I forgot.

Make sure to catch Seth, Joseph, and Anthony in their new movie, The Night Before, in theaters November 20.