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13 Photos Of Your Favorite Celebrities Supporting Red Nose Day

Stars like Seth Rogen, Julia Roberts, and Kobe Bryant are coming together to have fun, raise money and change lives!

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Hollywood's elite are joining forces this year for NBC's annual star-studded televised charity event, The Red Nose Day Special.

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"But what is it?!?!" you ask. The purpose of the special is to help raise awareness and money for kids in need here at home and all around the world. Basically, it's a ton of celebrities doing good and asking you to do good too. Sound GOOD?!

Here are a few stars who will be joining in on the fun:

1. Seth Rogen


2. Anna Kendrick

Chris Haston / NBC

3. Kobe Bryant


4. Sarah Silverman

Chris Haston / NBC

5. Blake Griffin and Paul Rudd

Jordin Althaus / NBC

6. Julia Roberts

*Julia photographed with a nurse she met during a trip to Phoenix.
Hugh Siegel / NBC / Children's Health Fund

*Julia photographed with a nurse she met during a trip to Phoenix.

7. Craig Ferguson

Paul Drinkwater / NBC

8. Ellie Kemper


9. Connie Britton

Steve Fenn / NBC

10. Amber Stevens West

Christopher Polk / NBC

11. Adam Devine

Chris Haston / NBC

12. Emma Thompson


13. Mia Serafino

Christopher Polk / NBC

Tune in to The Red Nose Day Special airing on Red Nose Day, Thursday, May 26, at 9 p.m. ET on NBC!

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