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Khloé Kardashian Has Some Major Regrets Surrounding "Keeping Up With The Kardashians"

"That’s the kind of stuff we wish we had never filmed."

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If the Kardashians are known for anything, it's for sharing their ENTIRE lives with the world. Whether it's on Snapchat, Twitter, or on their reality show, we've just about seen it all. But in a new interview with Glamour, Khloé admits that her family definitely has a few regrets.


"Not every episode is juicy to us; it’s only juicy to the audience," she said. "Things like Kim’s robbery or Caitlyn’s transition? That’s the kind of stuff we wish we had never filmed."


"We aren’t ever like, 'Oooh! Let’s do this for season nine,'" Khloé continued. "This is our life, and these are the things that happen. And it’s funny—when we decide not to shoot things, people feel slighted. But when we film too much, they’re like, 'Oh, you never should have filmed that.' It’s a catch-22."

In the interview, Khloé also mentioned having regrets in terms of certain endorsements she did years ago.


"I didn’t start to really understand the opportunity [KUWTK] presented until the fourth or fifth season. I was young, and I didn’t care as much. The truth is that I was heavier then too, so not a lot of endorsements were coming my way. Brands would prefer to align themselves with Kim or Kourtney, which I was totally fine with because I was still along for the ride. But it’s also a very sad thing to realize that most brands are interested only in pretty, cute, in-shape girls."

One endorsement deal she wishes she could take back? Promoting Kotex tampons back in 2010!

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"There were things I did back then that made me think, Why am I doing this? I once did a deal with a tampon company, and I was like, 'Why am I so thirsty?' But I was young, and you feel pressure; you see your sisters getting deals and you’re like, 'Should I be doing something? Is a pad commercial all I can get? Well, OK then.'"