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Literally Just 13 Iconic Photos Of Celebrities Shopping At Blockbuster


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1. This Blockbuster cash register moment in 2004 when Britney Spears was ALL OF US, unable to wait to eat her candy and opening it before even leaving the store.

In sweats, like we all used to do on a Friday night.

4. And these photos of Hannah Montana–era Miley Cyrus, back in 2008, who clearly couldn't make up her mind on what she wanted to watch so she rented not two, not five, but ten different movies.

But to be fair, this was the original way you used to binge-watch shit!


10. This pic of Lindsay Lohan and her then-girlfriend Samantha Ronson, who clearly couldn't agree on what to rent back in 2008.


Or maybe they stopped in just to see if people were renting I Know Who Killed Me?

13. And finally, this epic pic taken in 2003 of J.Lo and Ben Affleck β€” aka, the original Bennifer β€” arguing while leaving Blockbuster's historical establishment.