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    Beyoncé Posted A Photo Diary Of Her Family Vacation And It's Glamorous AF

    Where did I go wrong?

    Beyoncé, Jay Z, and their daughter Blue Ivy have been traveling throughout Naples, Capri, the Amalfi Coast, and Sardinia.

    The trip actually looks incredible.

    To give us all a taste of what we can't afford, the Queen herself posted a slew of amazingly gorgeous photos online and now we're jealous AF.

    Like, super jealous.

    Girl got to sip champs in the middle of the ocean.

    And smell lemons.

    And hang with this dude.

    I want to eat lunch with this person.

    I want to take pictures of someone and have someone taking pictures of me doing it.

    I want to look at this.

    And eat this.

    And pose like this.

    Seriously though, the lemons.

    The sunrises.

    And OMG this.

    A flower crown — are you kidding me?

    MATCHING flower crowns — is this real life?

    Living the every-person-in-the-world dream.

    The beautiful-ness just keeps going.

    And going.

    And going.

    It doesn't stop.