Emma Stone Gave Ryan Seacrest The Best Answer When Asked About Her Dress At The Golden Globes

“It’s pink and there are stars on it.”

1. Emma Stone had the MOST perfect response for Ryan Seacrest when asked to talk about her dress on the Golden Globes red carpet.

Frazer Harrison / Getty Images

2. Like, 100% NAILED HER ANSWER.

3. Naturally, people absolutely loved it:

Emma Stone's description of her dress is exactly what I would say if I was a celeb on the red carpet "um it's pink with stars" #GoldenGlobes

— Amanda Lucier (@AmandaLucierr)

"tell us about your dress" emma stone: well it's pink with stars.. I LOVE HER SO MUCH

— la la luisa (@ohmywatson)

8. Someone please make shirts.

Getty / BuzzFeed

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