Emma Stone Gave Ryan Seacrest The Best Answer When Asked About Her Dress At The Golden Globes

"It's pink and there are stars on it."

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Like, 100% 👏 NAILED👏 HER👏 ANSWER👏.

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Naturally, people absolutely loved it:

Emma Stone's dress is pink and it has stars on it. She's winning life. #GoldenGlobes

Ryan Seacrest: So tell me about your dress? Everyone else: oh this was made by so-n-so Emma Stone: Well its pink and it's got stars on it.

Emma Stone's description of her dress is exactly what I would say if I was a celeb on the red carpet "um it's pink with stars" #GoldenGlobes

"tell us about your dress" emma stone: well it's pink with stars.. I LOVE HER SO MUCH