Will Someone Please Explain Who Fell During Gwen Stefani’s Grammy Performance?

What the hell happened?!

1. The Grammy Awards were full of unexpected surprises on Monday night, including this rather dramatic fall during Gwen Stefani’s live music video of “Make Me Like You.”

2. Time out. IS EVERYONE OK?!


While dancing to the swift beats, it appeared as though someone (either Gwen or a stand-in) took a tumble, causing a six-person pileup to ensue.

3. Following the incident, people were not only concerned, but confused.

Was it Gwen who fell, or a body double? And was it on purpose, or a total accident?

  1. So what do you think — was the fall actually real? And was it Gwen or a body double who took the plunge?
    1. Gwen fell on total accident!
    2. It was Gwen who fell and it was DEFINITELY STAGED.
    3. It was a body double who ate shit by mistake.
    4. PUH-LEASE! That body double totally fell on purpose.

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