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    Celebrities Explain "Netflix And Chill" On The Emmys Red Carpet

    "It means you're a freak."

    It seems as though just about everyone is jumping on the "Netflix and Chill" bandwagon, but what does it mean exactly? We'll let Urban Dictionary explain:

    While standing in 100 degree heat at the Emmys on Sunday, we asked celebrities to define the ~hot~ new craze and their answers were across the board.

    Jamie Lee Curtis: "Maybe binge watch some TV on Netflix and take off our clothes in the air conditioning."

    James Corden: "It means watching TV, but we're not. Fingering."

    Lea DeLaria: "What does that mean? It means you're a freak. People want to hook up while they watch Orange Is The New Black?"

    Courtney B. Vance: "My mother and I, and my children and my wife, we bring up Netflix and we chill. That's all we do in our house is watch Netflix and chill."

    Amy Schumer: "Picturing kids hook up? Great. I love it."

    Sophie Turner: "It means come over and fuck."

    Jim O'Heir: "I got Netflix chill with myself last night. I did. I got Netflix chill big time with myself."

    Nolan Gould: "Basically it means when a man loves a woman and they equally love Netflix, they get together and magic happens."