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We Gave Benicio Del Toro And Josh Hutcherson A BFF Test And Here's What Happened

Wait, they're friends?

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It may come as a total shock that Benicio del Toro and Josh Hutcherson not only know each other, but are friends. I know, I cried too. The duo, who first met back in 2012 while Benicio directed Josh in a short film, recently made their bromance official when working alongside one another in their new movie, Escobar: Paradise Lost. To test their friendship, we gave the guys a rigorous quiz to find out how well they really know each other. The results were astonishing.


Josh's answer, awesome. Benicio's, questionable. We're not so sure he understood the question.


Josh: That I was Daniel Radcliffe

Benicio: I'm not Guillermo [del Toro]*

*Josh once said in an interview that when first meeting Benicio, he thought he was scheduled to be meeting famed movie director Guillermo del Toro instead. Unfortunately, this wasn't the question!


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