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    30 Things You Should Know About Kate Mara

    The Morgan actress takes our Q&A!

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    Ellie Sunakawa / BuzzFeed

    1. What’s the first thing you do when you wake up in the morning?

    Let the dogs out to pee.

    2. When you walk into a bar, what do you typically order?


    3. What's the one word you are guilty of using too often?


    4. What is the last thing you searched for on Google?

    Southern Illinois accent.

    5. Who is the last person that called or texted you?

    Jamie Bell.

    6. What's the wallpaper on your phone and/or computer?

    My boys.

    7. What was the last awkward situation you were in and how did you handle it?

    I thought I knew this older man on an airplane and gave him a huge hug. He seemed perplexed, but really happy to get a hug. He's in the industry so I've run into him a few times since, and I still awkwardly pretend like I know him and hug him every time.

    8. What is your TV guilty pleasure?

    Real Housewives of New York, The Bachelorette. The list goes on...

    9. What's the first CD you bought?

    Les Miserables.

    Ellie Sunakawa / BuzzFeed

    10. And what music are you currently listening to?

    Patsy Cline, the Broadway cast of Hamilton, Beyoncé, Julianna Barwick.

    11. What is the one food you cannot resist?

    French fries.

    12. What movie makes you laugh the most?

    Nothing makes me smile/laugh more than the TV show Monkey Life.

    13. What toppings do you like on your pizza?

    Vegan cheese, mushrooms, and truffle salt.

    14. What drives you absolutely crazy?

    People hocking loogies.

    15. What was your first online screen name?

    Babyjune42 — after a character from Gypsy.

    16. What’s the last thing you copied & pasted on your phone?

    How to spell loogie.

    17. What’s your favorite curse word?


    18. What's your favorite emoji?

    A ship.

    Ellie Sunakawa / BuzzFeed

    19. Pick one: Kittens or puppies?


    20. New York or Los Angeles?


    21. Twitter or Instagram?


    22. Bacon or Nutella?


    23. Britney or Christina?

    Christina (specifically her first Spanish album).

    24. Coffee or tea?


    25. NSYNC or BSB?


    26. 2am or 2pm?


    27. Beyoncé or Rihanna?

    Both…but Bey.

    28. Netflix and chill or just Netflix?

    Netflix and chill.

    29. Hannah Montana or Lizzie McGuire?

    Hannah Montana forever.

    30. And finally: tell us a secret.


    Make sure to check out Kate in her new movie Morgan in theaters September 2!

    Ellie Sunakawa / BuzzFeed

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