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    30 Things You Should Know About Jay Ellis

    The Insecure actor takes our Q&A!

    1. What’s the first thing you do when you wake up in the morning?

    Mediate, eat, read the news — but usually I just watch reruns of The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air.

    2. When you walk into a bar, what do you typically order?

    Gin martini. Extra dirty. Down.

    3. What's the one word you are guilty of using too often?

    "Yo." But I love it so much.

    4. What is the last thing you searched for on Google?

    How to tie a bow tie — I still have no idea how to do it.

    5. Who is the last person that called or texted you?

    A telemarketer from DirecTV called begging me to come back. She said they really missed me and would go above and beyond to get me back. Who knew DirecTV loved me so much?

    6. What's the wallpaper on your phone and/or computer?

    Me dressed as Prince last Halloween.

    7. What was the last awkward situation you were in and how did you handle it?

    I recently got a massage in LA at a place a friend recommended, and when I walked in the room, the woman there spoke no English. She didn't leave or turn away when it was time for me to strip down and get on the table — she just gestured toward the table. We looked at each other smiling for about 45 seconds. After a while, it felt weird to still be looking her in the eyes and smiling for so long. So my eyes began darting around the room while I waited for her to leave so I could change. Then I said, "OK, I'll change now," but she just laughed. It was that polite kind of laughter, like when you tell a joke that isn't funny but the person you told the joke to is embarrassed for you. We stared at each other a little longer and then I thought maybe she just wanted me to strip down with her in the room. Maybe she wanted to get a peek. I dunno, but I didn't want to disappoint. So in true Sam Jackson fashion I said "Fuck it" and got naked. Her eyes got big and she ran out of the room speaking in her native language; I believe it was of Eastern European origin. Anyway, a minute later, the lady from the front desk where I checked in walked into the room as I lay on the table with a hand towel over my butt and told me I was in the facial room not the massage room.

    8. What is your TV guilty pleasure?

    Shark Tank, Chopped, House Hunters International, Tiny House Hunters.

    9. What's the first CD you bought?

    All Eyez on Me by Tupac.

    10. And what music are you currently listening to?

    Chance the Rapper, Wale, M83, Schoolboy Q, Frank Ocean, Beat Connection, Mura Masa, Drake.

    11. What is the one food you cannot resist?

    Anything baked. Muffins, scones, brownies, olive bread, cookies... the addiction is real.

    12. What movie makes you laugh the most?

    Friday and Caddy Shack.

    13. What toppings do you like on your pizza?

    Pepperoni, sausage, mushrooms, and tons of cheese, please.

    14. What drives you absolutely crazy?

    People who cough and don't cover their mouths. By people I mean adults. And yes, I call them out every single time. "Yo, cover your mouth! That's disgusting!"

    15. What was your first online screen name?


    16. What’s the last thing you copied and pasted on your phone?

    The address to the nearest poke shop from my house.

    17. What’s your favorite curse word?

    Fuck! I'm pretty sure only Samuel Jackson can say it better than me, but fuck it, I'm putting in my 10,000 hours to catch up.

    18. What's your favorite emoji?

    Side-eyes or the face with the eyes wide open. Either way, it's me acknowledging I did or said something stupid AF and I'm trying to find a way to get out of it.

    19. Pick one: kittens or puppies?


    20. New York or Los Angeles?

    LA all day, every day.

    21. Twitter or Instagram?


    22. Bacon or Nutella?

    Bacon AND Nutella??? Sounds like a croissant I'd buy in the South.

    23. Britney or Christina?

    Uhhh...I'll go with Aaliyah for $500, Alex.

    24. Coffee or tea?


    25. NSYNC or BSB?

    New Edition, but to answer from the choices given, NSYNC.

    26. 2 a.m. or 2 p.m.?

    2 a.m.

    27. Beyoncé or Rihanna?


    28. Netflix and chill or just Netflix?

    Netflix and then chill.

    29. Hannah Montana or Lizzie McGuire?


    30. And finally: Tell us a secret.

    This is really important so listen really carefully and never tell anyone.......secret.

    Make sure to catch Jay on Insecure this Sunday, October 9 at 10:30 p.m. on HBO!