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    Posted on Apr 2, 2017

    19 Terrible, Horrible Things You'll Only Understand If You Hate Online Makeup Tutorials

    "I look like a tiger."

    1. Before you even press play, you give yourself a mini pep-talk and pray you'll really nail it THIS time, but deep down, you know the truth.


    It's definitely going to look terrible.

    2. Because no matter how many times you’ve tried to contour, it always turns out like this:

    Comedy Central

    3. Literally, it makes NO fucking sense.

    4. When the video begins and they start talking about their recent travels and yummy smoothie from down the street and you're like OK, THAT’S NICE, CAN WE GET THIS LESSON GOING ALREADY?


    5. You curse every time you have to go back and re-watch a step, all while trying to juggle 19 makeup brushes in one hand and an eyeliner in the other.

    Nothing worse than being mid-cat eye and having to rewind to the :36 mark.

    6. Speaking of brushes, you have NO IDEA WHY there are so many and have no clue what each of them even do.

    7. Every time you wet your Beautyblender, you feel like a damn pro...

    8. ...until you realize not even a damp sponge can help the disaster you've created while trying to slim your jawline.


    9. Mid-tutorial, you catch a glimpse of yourself in the mirror and are horrified, but you carry on.


    It's fine, just keep going. It's going to look great!

    10. While attempting to fill both your brows, you somehow manage to create just one really long one.


    11. You CRINGE every time they say the word "natural" because you 1,000% know your face looks ANYTHING BUT NATURAL.

    12. After feverishly jotting down all the products used, you look them up online to find out they cost more than your monthly rent.

    Twentieth Century Fox / Via

    13. Your skin is red and raw from wiping off and re-applying your eyeliner so many times after trying to nail the perfect ~winged tip~.

    Sukkiri / Via

    14. You can't even begin to comprehend the amount of colors that go into a smokey eye, so you just go rogue and do it your own ~special~ way.

    "First I'm going to apply the third color in my palette to the crease, and then the second color under the brow. THEN the fourth color in the third row of my palette to the middle of the lid, and then make sure to tap your brush to avoid getting residue from the second color in the corner."

    15. The scene in your bathroom while trying to apply fake eyelashes is A JOKE.


    16. You watch as they carefully sweep a touch of highlighter on their face, but somehow make yourself look like shiny, glowing table lamp.

    17. Don't even get me started on the overdrawn lips.

    18. When they make finishing spray look simple, but you're sitting there drenched from head to toe.

    19. And finally when all is said and done, after following every step PRECISELY and being so fucking careful and putting your heart and soul into the lesson, you end up looking like your own worst nightmare.

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