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    21 Words That Have A Completely Different Meaning If You Grew Up In Lincolnshire

    Get your plum bread and Poacher cheese ready.

    1. "Yellow Belly"

    2. "Lincolnshire Sausage"

    3. "Flat"

    4. "Plum Bread"

    5. "Steep"

    6. "Barons"

    7. "Hide and Seek"

    8. "Christmas Market"

    9. "Poacher"

    10. "Fresh Air"

    11. "Sky"

    12. "Red"

    13. "Tractor"

    My #Photograph of the day 'A Farmers life' tractor out on the #lincolnshire #wolds love this ;-)

    What it usually means: A necessary vehicle for farmers.

    What it means in Lincolnshire: The thing you get stuck behind every time you make a journey on a B road.

    14. "Success"

    15. "O"

    16. "Lob"

    17. "Beale"

    18. "Tate"

    19. "Meggies"

    20. "Vegas"

    21. "Staycation"