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    15 Things That Are Waaaay Too Real If You Grew Up With Strict Parents

    "Sorry I can't come, my mom said no."

    1. Being told you're not allowed to date until you are 30

    2. And when you did bring a ~romantic interest~ over they were questioned like they were on an episode of Law and Order

    3. If you said you wanted to go somewhere, they would ask you more questions about it than the FBI

    4. And most of the time they would text your friend's parents to make sure you weren’t lying

    5. If you didn’t respond to a text within 30 minutes, a search party was sent out to find you

    6. You're pretty sure they would have wrapped you in bubble wrap if they could find enough

    7. There were always fights about what you were wearing

    8. But you always had a backup option in your bag in case you lost the fight, which you always did.

    9. You didn’t even bother asking if you could dye your hair or get a piercing like the cool kids in school

    10. You were shocked every time you went to a friend's house and there were no rules

    11. Those kids also got to eat Doritos and Fruit Gushers while you were stuck with sensible snacks like carrot sticks

    12. Missing a weeknight family dinner to hang with friends was never allowed

    13. They friended you on all social media to make sure you didn’t post anything too provocative

    14. Your friends didn’t understand that you couldn’t just stay out until “whenever” because your parents expected a full itinerary

    15. But at the end of the day you know they were only that strict because they cared so much about you